Okinawa Karate Academy of Harrisburg


Okinawa Karate Academy of Harrisburg is hosting a Seminar in 2022 - See info below!!

2021 Blade & Martial Science Seminar in Blairsville, PA (Harrisburg Seidokan attendance: Bill, Kevin, Victoria, Sofia, Ben, Christine, Robert, Louis)

October 16, 2021

Our Dojo History

In November, 1982, Bob Wright, a second degree black belt and a Green Beret veteran of the Vietnam war, announced in the church bulletin of a karate class forming at Holy Name of Jesus. The first class had about 200 participants, however, after four weeks, there were 12. Of those twelve, five were granted their first-degree black belts in July 1986. They received their belts and certificates from Master Shian Toma, Grandmaster of the Seidokan system of Okinawa.

Today, the class has 15+ black belt instructors and an enrollment of 35 students. The class meets on Mondays and Thursdays in the Former Church beginning at 6:00 p.m. Adults and children work together, due to the many families participating. We stress discipline and respect, and promote self-confidence. It normally takes 5 years of dedicated commitment to attain The Black Belt in our system.

Since Sensei Bob Wright taught the class free of charge, we continue the tradition. However, dues paid for the class are donated to the Church at Christmas time.

2021 Class Photo